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November 27, 2008

Recession-Proof Your Business by Recession-Proofing IT

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Business leaders can maintain their tech-reliant operations going and remain profitable by recession-proofing their IT operations. Here are some of the steps:

Adopt business intelligence smarts: Get a business intelligence system that allows for easier data collection and consolidation, and reports management.
Consolidate technologies: Maybe it’s time to let go of some of your clunky systems that take too much time and effort to maintain, update, and consolidate.
Go virtual: SaaS, cloud computing, and virtualization can trim IT budgets without necessarily trimming operations and lowering the quality of their services.
Standardize processes; adopt agile methodologies
– Outsource, and outsource intelligently: Look for long-term benefits from service provider(s), whether offshore or nearshore, from a combination of cost-savings, technology savvy, methodologies, consulting skills, and management culture of the vendor.

It is probably no surprise that I.T. Works offers seminars and workshops on all of the above topics ?


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